Sunil Singh Thakuri

Date of Birth: March 27

Place of Birth: Nepaljung

Music Portfolio: 1stly  Dance, Modeling and Video Direction. From The Income From Video direction I invested my money on my 1st recorded song “Mutuma timilai”with my hard work. I had been sponsored by R.B Singh. In this way my 1st Album Crazy Hat lunched and one of number of this album had been nominated on Image awarded , I had attended more than 300 concerts around Nepal  , 1st Album Crazy Hat, 2nd Album Crazy Hat-2 Ghatana Ghatyo, 3rd  Crazy Hat-3  14 anchal, And recently 4th Album Crazy Hat-4 Chaitama.

Interests: Play Guitar, Listening music , Composing, Reeyaz, Jamming with Friends

Your Musical Influence: Michael Jackson, Arun Thapa, Om Bikram Bista

The Instrument I Play: Guitar

Favourite Music Artist: Arun Thapa, Om Bikram Bista

Favourite Music Composer:  Basanta Sapkota

All Time Favourite Song:  Ritu Haruma

All Time Hated Song:  I love Music

If You Have Given Chance You Would Love To Perform:  Ghatana Ghatyo

Your Dream Collaboration: Om Bikram Bista

Favourite Actor/Actress:  Rajesh Hamal & Jharana Bajracharya

Favourite Food: Daal, Bhaat, Gundruk

Favourite Hangout Place: Pokhara

Favourite Time Pass: Have a coffee with Friends

Future Projects: Presentation of Extra Music