Mamata Gurung

Name: Mamata Gurung

Date of Birth: 26/November 

Place of Birth: Chitwan 

Currently: Singer/Singing for a nepalese pub and studying 

Music Portfolio:

Singing from school age/ participated in various Competition: Nepali Tara, South Asian Star Nepal, Band Bhaskar (was the Finalist)
Performed in some concerts in Nepal and UK ( Wales, Aldershot,  london, Farnborough).
Did some charity shows. 

Interests: Singing, Dancing, Jogging, travelling. 

Your Musical Influence: My friends and my Family 

The Instrument I Play: I love Guitar but did not get chance to learn it properly. I practice my vocal with harmonium. 

Favourite Music Artist: Satya/Swaroop/Sukmit

Favourite Music Composer: Kali Prasad Baskota, Nhyu, Raju

All Time Favourite Song: Chiso Batasa le 

All Time Hated Song: None 

If You Have Given Chance You Would Love To Perform: Pal Pal Timro Samjhana ma 

Your Dream Collaboration: Kali/Satya/Sworup

Favourite Actor/Actress: Rajesh/Jharana

Favourite Food: Nepalese food, 

Favourite Hangout Place: Cafe & Pub

Favourite Time Pass: Jamming with my friends at home 

Future Projects: Record Songs for my album