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Basingstoke Nepalese Community organised a Valentine Charity Dinner at AM Restaurant in Basingstoke on Saturday 11 February 2012.  There were two main aims, the first being:  to raise money to help Mrs Dilshova Shrestha’s Ama Ghar who is helping the old and needy people in Kathmandu.  And the second, to have a entertaining evening with close friends on the closest Saturday to the Valentine Day. 

 The guests started to arrive from 6.30 pm.  After initial drinks and titbits, Maj(Retd) Khusiman Gurung highlighted the selfless work and affection of Mrs Dilshova Shrestha in powerpoint.  At 8.30 pm, the dinner was served.  The sumptuous self-help dinner laid out by the AM Restaurant was so appetizing, most of guests were seen taking several trips to hotplates.  The musical programme started at 9.30 pm.  Mrs Maya Gurung, Mr Dilip Gurung, Mr Bhojendra Gurung and Mr Lal Gurung belted out some old and contemporary melodious songs where as Mr Tej Gurung entertained guests with his usual humorous song.  Everlasting beauty, Mrs Shashi Gurung mesmerised those present with Madhuri Dixit’s Aaja Nachchle number in ‘Mera Jhumka Gira Bareli Ki Bazaar Mein….. ’ and Miss Sumina exhibited her poised movement in ‘Gairi Khet ko Sirai Hanyo’.

 The highlight of the evening was presenting a red rose to the ladies by their husbands after the Raffle Draw.  The usual group dances were followed afterward. 

 Every good thing has its ending, it was about 1.00 am the night finally came to an end.  A total of £1095 was raised and Maj(Retd) Khusiman Gurung handed over the money to Capt(Retd) Harkaraj Rai, The Chairman Basingstoke Nepalese Community, who had already arranged to hand over the collected sum to Mrs Dilshova Shrestha in very near future.

 A vote of mentions must go to Maj(Retd) Khusiman Gurung, Capts(Retd) duos Indra Gurung and Ashok Sen, Mr Lalprasad Gurung, Mr Balbahadur Thapa and their ladies in organising this entertaining evening for friends and families.  But the Big One is reserved for all those who attended and made this evening the most memorable one……